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As a new addition to the world-renowned Quantum Series, the Quantum SB (Slat-Back) VIP is the next generation of invigorating stadium seat design.

Similar to the Quantum RB 850 alternative, this stadium seating model utilizes Camatics’ patented beam-mount system, which maximises venue capacity and reconfiguration, whilst also providing for faster installation and change-out times.

The ergonomic profile of the Quantum Series remains in this model, with a reminiscent design of early 20th-century baseball stadium seating.  This design provides for more breathable back support.

• A nostalgic design reminiscent of early 20th-century baseball stadium seating.

• Upholstered seat pad polyurethane foam pad in marine grade vinyl.

• Full enclosed pivot mechanism factory assembled, safe and maintenance free.

• Beam-mounted seat for fast installation and repositioning flexibility.

• Gas channels and engineering grade polypropylene structure.

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Features & Dimensions


  • Nostalgic Design.
  • Upholstered seat pad.
  • Full enclosed pivot mechanism.
  • Beam mounted seat.
  • Engineering grade polypropylene structure.


The Quantum Series is the worlds best stadium and arena seating solution due to its structural integrity, competitive price and patented beam mount design.

The Quantum 850 SB VIP allows for venues to maximise seating capacity by up to 6% equalling more revenue when it comes to game day or showtime.

The Patented beam design also allows for fast installation of products as well as easily replaced vandalised seats. The Quantum Series features removable seats and backrest (Seat and back pads too - see Quantum VIP), as well as retrofittable arms, cups and various other accessories.

This product is designed with the client's ideas in mind, with a series of personalise items including logo embossing in the backrest, embossed or dome resin logo filagree arms and many other choices.

  • Beam mounted seat for fast installation, repositioned seat centres and replacement.
  • Easily replaced seat pad.
  • Retrofittable arms and cups.
  • Snap in seat numbers.

STANDARD Dimensions

Seat Centre (minimum)
480mm [18 7/8"]
Minimum Envelope (with arm)
390mm [15 3/8"]
Seat Height
480 [18 7/8"]
Back Height
850mm [33 1/2"]

CAD Dimensions

Arm and Rear Mount Cup Holder (Metric)
Arm and Rear Mount Cup Holder (Imperial)
Arm and Rear Mount Cup Holder (Metric)
Arm and Rear Mount Cup Holder (Imperial)

Material & fabric Options

Material and fabric options vary depending on project requirements. Customer can specify their own colours, fabrics and finishes which will be subject to testing and warranty alterations.

Faux Leather/Vinyl (Outdoor)

Admiral (C O)

Beige (C O)

Buff (C O)

Canary (C O)

Chrimson (C O)

Coal (C O)

Dark Blue (C O)

Granite (C O)

Mayan (C O)

Peridot (C O)

Stone (C O)

Tanzanite (C O)

Optional Accessories

Purse Hook (Quantum)

Quantum Arm

Quantum Arm (Cup holder)

Quantum Arm (Filigree)

Quantum Beam (Riser mount)

Quantum Beam (Tread mount)

Quantum Cup Holder (Rear mount)

Quantum Logo (Debossed)


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