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What is waiting area seating?

Public chairs in airports, bus terminals, subway stations, and similar locations are often considered waiting area seats. These layouts are designed to maximise comfort over a long period and continuously serve new users while avoiding wear and tear.

Camatic’s waiting room seating products provide a level of comfort that significantly surpasses standard chairs, supporting the full lifecycle value of your layout with continuous services and regular maintenance contracts.

Why your organisation needs waiting area seats

Your organisation needs waiting room seating for many reasons, but most importantly, to ensure the comfort of your visitors. A comfortable visitor is a happy visitor who will continuously return to your establishment for future business.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced liability risks
  • Improved customer services
  • Enhanced public image

If you’re interested in receiving one or all of the above benefits, the professionals at Camatic can help.

Waiting area seats in Australia

Hand-crafted seating products from Camatic provide the highest level of comfort for public waiting areas in Australia. Our products are built to last the test of time, with various shapes, sizes, and designs for any industry.

Our most popular products include:

Browse through the remainder of our Australian collection by exploring our products.

Our waiting room seating services in AU

Do you need to customise your seats to meet brand guidelines? Do you require refurbishments or reupholstering to enhance the quality of your waiting room? Camatic can help with the following waiting area seating services:

  • Site Inspections
  • Seating Layouts
  • Customisation
  • Installation
  • Refurbishment and Upholstery
  • Spare Parts
  • Maintenance
  • Service Contracts
  • Product Care

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Camatic does waiting area seats best

The team of Camatic has been Australia’s go-to seating provider for more than 55 years — and it’s not hard to see why.

You can see the Camatic difference right from the get-go:

  • Our team has completed over 7,500 projects worldwide, delivering seven million chairs to industries around the globe.
  • We continuously innovate on our previous designs and look for ways to maximise your value with cutting-edge architectural blueprints and engineering resources.
  • We’ve served some of the biggest names with public waiting room spaces, including the Melbourne International Airport, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and others.

Get a quote for your waiting area seating project

Camatic doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Every one of our products and services can be customised to your unique waiting room space — regardless of who or where you serve.

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Creating The Ultimate Seating Experience For Millions of Users

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  • 7
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For over 55 years, Camatic Seating has been the industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ergonomic seating solutions for stadiums, arenas, cinemas, theatres, educational institutions and transit areas. Camatic Seating works with our valued customers and partners to provide new seating for hundreds of projects across the globe every year. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is settling into the comfort of a Camatic Seating Product.