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Alpha VIP seat adds the comfort of seat only or seat and backrest padding combined with shared or individual double armrests. Closed cell neoprene foams with marine grade vinyl can withstand the severest of outdoor conditions.

Although, this stadium and arena chair can achieve seat centres as low as 19 inches (480mm), it is most suited for installation from 20 inches(510mm) to 22 inches (550mm).

• Upholstered seat and back pads.

• Floor (tread) or riser mounted available.

• 480mm minimum seat centre suitable for infinite centre positions.

• Arms, cups, seat and row ID available.

• Full enclosed pivot mechanism factory assembled, safe and maintenance free.

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Features & Dimensions



  • Replaceable seat and back pads
  • Quick installation / replacement of product
  • Durable design and materials
  • Retrofittable arms and cups

STANDARD Dimensions

Seat Centre (minimum)
500mm [19 5/8"]
Minimum Envelope
610mm [24 1/4"]
Seat Height
465mm [18 1/8"]
Back Height
815mm [32 1/8"]

CAD Dimensions

VIP With Arm and Rear Mount Cup (Metric)
VIP With Arm and Rear Mount Cup (Imperial)
VIP With Arm and Rear Mount Cup (Metric)
VIP With Arm and Rear Mount Cup (Imperial)

Material & fabric Options

Material and fabric options vary depending on project requirements. Customer can specify their own colours, fabrics and finishes which will be subject to testing and warranty alterations.

Faux Leather/Vinyl (Outdoor)

Admiral (C O)

Beige (C O)

Buff (C O)

Canary (C O)

Chrimson (C O)

Coal (C O)

Dark Blue (C O)

Granite (C O)

Mayan (C O)

Peridot (C O)

Stone (C O)

Tanzanite (C O)

Optional Accessories

Feature Coming Soon


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Major Project Installations

97,800 Seats

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

97,800 Seats
87,411 Seats

Bukit Jalil National Stadium

87,411 Seats