NEWS /  Happy 45th Anniversary to the Sydney Opera House

Happy 45th Anniversary to the Sydney Opera House

25-Oct 2018



Australia’s world-famous icon transformed the image of the nation and paved the way for Camatic Seating to become an industry Leader.

In the early 1970s, the most important and high-profile build of its time was under construction. At the same time in Melbourne, Camatic Seating was a small engineering firm building a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

During the final phases of the construction of a modern icon, Camatic was asked to supply die-cast seating components for all the seats in the Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House was an architectural and engineering feat. The seating needed the same level of precision and design to solve the problems of traditional materials like steel created. The seats required special consideration, and Camatic was trusted to get the job done.

Australia made headlines around the world as Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Sydney Opera House on October 20, 1973. The country was now ready to host renowned performers in their new world-class concert hall.

It was a large and prestigious job for Camatic, given the high-profile nature of the project. A complex task for a small firm, but Camatic delivered.

In 1990, the Sydney Opera House embarked on a renovation. Camatic again won the bid to restore 5,000 seats. The task was anything but easy. The hectic daily schedule and popularity of the venue meant installation was spread over two years to avoid any performance interruptions.

The 45-year relationship between the most iconic building of the 20th century and Australia's largest seating manufacturer, Camatic, stands the test of time.

The original components Camatic built and installed in 1973 are fully operational and in excellent working condition today. For over 45 years, millions of people have enjoyed performances at the Sydney Opera House seated in Camatic seats.

Visitors from all over the world step inside an Australian treasure to experience exquisite architecture, skilful engineering, top-rated performances and Australian culture.

The Sydney Opera House was a significant project for Camatic in 1973. The contract allowed Camatic to grow from a small engineering firm into a leader in commercial seating. Camatic would soon become the first company in Australia to both designs and manufacture commercial venue seats from one facility.

The project’s success opened doors to designing and manufacturing other types of seating and propelled Camatic Seating as a global leader

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