Retractable Seating

Camatic Seating provides retractable seating services designed to be a tight envelope system with the highest quality standards. Camatic's state-of-the-art systems go hand in hand with its specially designed seating solutions, which can be customized to meet all venue requirements. Our retractable seating systems have proven effective in giving schools and universities the flexibility they require to reinvent multipurpose facilities.



Clarity Sport SERIES

The original Clarity series is a highly comfortable and ergonomic seating innovation installed in dozens of theatres and auditoriums around the world. By offering reduced dimensions and optional beam-mounting, the Clarity Sport is the ideal choice for Stadiums and Arenas offering a premium experience.


Forte seating’s combination of ergonomic foam, refined upholstery detailing, and beam mounting make it perfect for all areas of an area, from general admission to club sections and concrete risers to retractable platforms. Venue operators have the power to provide equal comfort to every patron alike in their facilities.

Quantum SERIES

Our Quantum Series has a contemporary square-back design, traditional round-back or heritage slat-back, combining design aesthetics with optimal comfort. With each seat individually mounted on beams, they allow for a quick and easy installation time and uniform spacing across each row to maximize the usage of your arena space. Its engineering-grade polypropylene structure ensures its durability for the long haul.

For multi-purpose venues where storage space is at a premium, the installation of retractable seating can be an appealing option where the facility can be transoformed and customised to meet all venue requirements. The only factor that prevents some venue management teams from making this decision is the prospect of less comfortable seating for their customers. However, this isn’t an issue when you choose a retractable seating system with Forte compact chairs from Camatic. Our compact seating has been designed to ensure that comfort is not compromised in order to save space. Each chair is carefully contoured to provide the same comfortable seating experience as our standard Forte series chairs.

Efficient, ergonomic, and durable retractable seating

Our retractable chairs feature an ergonomic back height and follow the same design principles used in the creation of our standard Forte chairs. Each seat is fitted with a fully enclosed pivot mechanism that is maintenance-free and enables the seat to be folded down to a 6-inch envelope. Beam-mounted as standard, Forte compact telescopic seating can be reconfigured quickly and easily, making it the perfect choice for multi-purpose venues that host a variety of different events over the course of each year. For your customers’ convenience, the chairs can also be fitted with cup holders and arms, ensuring that your retractable seating area will be every bit as popular as your standard seating.

Turnkey retractable seating system service

Wherever your venue is located, you can take advantage of our turnkey service: this service is available across the USA and includes an initial consultation and site visit, along with the design, layout, manufacture and installation of your new seating system. We also provide maintenance and refurbishment services for our retractable chairs, with all work being performed by our experienced team of local seating experts in your area. If you would rather handle the maintenance work yourself, we will be happy to supply you with any spare parts that you may need in the future.

Start your retractable seating project today

Whether you are planning an upgrade to an existing seating system or a completely new system, we invite you to contact us today to arrange an initial consultation and a site visit. Once we have surveyed your venue and made a note of all your requirements, we will be delighted to prepare a full and accurate quotation, including any customization options you may desire. We have completed numerous seating installations across the USA, including some of the country’s biggest sporting venues and movie theaters

For more details on the highest quality standard and telescopic seating systems in America, designed and manufactured by Camatic, call and speak to us now.

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For over 55 years, Camatic Seating has been the industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ergonomic seating solutions for stadiums, arenas, cinemas, theatres, educational institutions and transit areas. Camatic Seating works with our valued customers and partners to provide new seating for hundreds of projects across the globe every year. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is settling into the comfort of a Camatic Seating Product.