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Camatic’s Clarity Sport seat is an ergonomically designed compact beam mounted system which offers unsurpassed comfort. This is the perfect choice for discerning venues in need of a stylish look. It has proven to be a popular choice for performing arts auditoriums, educational lecture theatres, arenas and places of worship, now at stadiums and arenas around the world.

The Clarity Sport seat comes beam mounted as standard using the structural properties of the Evoke Series seating system.

• Beam-mounted seat retractable capabilities (without arm)

• Range of features and accessories to customise product performance

• Gravity tilt seat ergonomic design

• GECA approved product green star approval

• ISO 9001 Certified quality management system certified

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Features & Dimensions



The Clarity Sport Series from Camatic seating is designed to be both functional, and give venue owners flexibility in maintaining their products. This line of products features zip removable covers from individually moulded polyurethane foam seats as well as easily replaced seat and tilt mechanism. The Clarity Sport (when beam mounted) offers venue managers fast installation times, seat centre flexibility and an incredibly simple product to replace if vandalised. Components are design to be easily replaced with minimal fixing and tools.

Each chair is recommended to be wiped down with a damp cloth (pending upholstery material) at least once after every major session across all wear areas to avoid build up of debris.

  • Zip removeable covers
  • Individually moulded polyurethane seat and backrest
  • Fast installation, repositioned seat centres and replacement (beam mounted version)

STANDARD Dimensions

Seat Centre (minimum)
550mm [21 5/8”]
Maximum Envelope
700mm [27 1/2”]
Seat Height
465mm [18 3/8”]
Back Height
920mm [36 1/4”]

CAD Dimensions

With Removable Arm (Metric)
With Removable Arm (Imperial)
With Removable Arm (Metric)
With Removable Arm (Imperial)

Material & fabric Options

Material and fabric options vary depending on project requirements. Customer can specify their own colours, fabrics and finishes which will be subject to testing and warranty alterations.

Faux Leather/Vinyl (Outdoor)

Admiral (C O)

Beige (C O)

Buff (C O)

Canary (C O)

Chrimson (C O)

Coal (C O)

Dark Blue (C O)

Granite (C O)

Mayan (C O)

Peridot (C O)

Stone (C O)

Tanzanite (C O)

Optional Accessories

Feature Coming Soon


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Major Project Installations

15,000 Seats
United States

T-Mobile Arena

15,000 Seats