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Camatic Seating and Queensland Country Bank Stadium

9-Apr 2020



North Queensland Country Bank Stadium is the first world-class venue to be built in Australia's northeast in 25 years and the only multi-purpose facility of its kind in the region. Stadia takes a closer look under its cyclone-proof roof.

The stadium will host three rectangular sports - rugby league, rugby union and soccer - with the added flexibility to accommodate a range of alternative entertainment events including concerts and the 2020 NQ Games opening ceremony, which is the largest multi-sport event in regional Australia.

The stadium has a 25,000-seat double-tiered capacity, which is 7,000 more than the Cowboys' previous home, with the option to expand to 30,000 seats in future. It can also accommodate 40,000 patronsin concert mode.

Queensland Country Bank Stadium

Due to Townsville's extreme tropical climate, the stadium owners opted to install Camatic Seating's Axiom system, which was thoroughly tested by local exposure laboratory Allunga for durability, reveals Camatic's engineering manager Bruce Ansell.

"Allunga understands the toll that the strong Queensland sun can take on outdoor fixtures, so it made sense to partner with them for our material performance weather testing;' he says. The system is fitted to pre-fabricated seating platforms manufactured in Townsville by local company Jackson Semler.

Queensland Country Bank Stadium at Night

"We've refined the beam that the seat is mounted on to allow for a quicker installation and the profile of the beam has been changed to make more efficient use of the material, which helps make the whole system more cost-effective;' he says.

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Axiom Seating System