NEWS /  Installation


6-Dec 2018



Camatic has in-house and contract installation partners around the world that are trained in Camatic Seating designs and installation requirements.

Our installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed on time and to Camatic's high-quality expectations.

Installation service includes:

• Combined with the seating layouts, we verify room/rows are built to the architectural drawings to avoid issues.

• We have access to experienced trained installers globally.

• Installers work with other client trades to maximise installation efficiency.

• PPE and safety compliance is critical and ensuring our installation team has all the relevant local trade compliance and full induction prior to starting on site is normal practice.

• We have an appropriate level of supervision for each job size and we work with all local unions as required.

• The final step of the installation process is a quality inspection with the client to ensure satisfaction.