Retractable Seating

Camatic Seating provides retractable seating services designed to be a tight envelope system with the highest quality standards. Camatic's state-of-the-art systems go hand in hand with its specially designed seating solutions, which can be customized to meet all venue requirements. Our retractable seating systems have proven effective in giving schools and universities the flexibility they require to reinvent multipurpose facilities.


Why your UK facility needs retractable seating services

Retractable seating services offer more than just installations and repairs. From installing new seats to reupholstering older seats, value-added services offer an ROI far beyond the dollar value.

Your venue could enjoy:

  • Regular service contracts that continuously check the stability of your seats.
  • Ongoing site inspections that ensure the safety and efficiency of your venue.
  • Personalised seating layouts that maximise sight lines and building capacities.

And when you partner with the professional team behind Camatic, you’ll receive all these and more.

Popular retractable seats in the UK

The professionals at Camatic offer various retractable seats built to accommodate today’s venues. Whether you seat thousands of visitors or just a couple hundred students, the products you choose should ensure comfort, relaxation, and contentment for everyone.

Our most popular retractable seating options are:

Are you looking for something a little different for your UK venue? Browse our exhaustive product list to familiarise yourself with our offerings.

Our retractable seating services in the UK

We offer more than nine different services to keep your retractable seats in working order, including:

  • Site Inspections
  • Seating Layouts
  • Customisation
  • Installation
  • Refurbishment and Upholstery
  • Spare Parts
  • Maintenance
  • Service Contracts
  • Product Care

Explore the details of each retractable seating service by exploring our services today.

Choosing Camatic for your UK retractable seats

From schools and universities to multipurpose centres, Camatic commands a distinguished history of results in the UK and beyond.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Camatic has a global presence. We’ve served thousands of facilities in more than 46 countries and would be happy to do the same for you.
  • Camatic is a trusted brand. Our services are more than skin deep; our highly regarded testimonials reflect this in word, deed, and action.
  • Camatic is constantly innovating. We are restless in pursuing a better fan experience and iterating on ideas and designs to create better retractable seats for UK venues and their audiences.

Retractable seating services start with Camatic

UK facilities thrive with the ongoing support of Camatic’s retractable seating services. Our professionals have completed more than 7,500 projects to date and would be honoured to produce a similar outcome for you.

The first step is to get in touch with your Camatic regional branch. Once you complete the online contact form with your project details, one of our experts will reach out with a quote.

Site Inspections

Camatic works closely with each client and can conduct site surveys to provide advise and ensure the seating solution is delivered.

Seating Layouts

Camatic is able to provide each customer with project-specific seating layouts that take into accounts sight lines whilst maximising seat capacities meeting to exceed customer’s expectations.


Camatic has the ability to customise its range to provide clients with specific solutions.


Camatic has in-house and contracts installation partners around the world that are trained in Camatic Seating designs and installation requirements.

Our installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed on time and to Camatic’s high-quality expectations.

Refurbishment and Upholstery

Camatic seats are well known for their structural quality. As a result, by re-upholstering, we can provide our customers with the opportunity to establish that fresh new look of a new chair.

Spare Parts

Camatic provides a wide range of spare parts available for fast replacement in the unlikely event of damage or failure.


Camatic is able to offer its clients options of maintenance contracts, this allows the customer peace of mind in knowing that should they have opted for this service that their seats are being serviced structurally at various nominated intervals.

Service Contracts

At Camatic, our team is committed to the ongoing appearance and operation of your facility. We offer a wide range of services to benefit the structure of your products. 


Product Care

Camatic’s Product Care Service is the ideal solution for maintaining and protecting your seating investments. Have peace of mind knowing that your seating solutions are in expert hands.