Vue Cinemas

30,000 Seats

Europe’s Premium Cinemas Make Luxurious Comfort a Priority

Vue Entertainment is a world leader in premium movie venues with over 280 cinemas across Europe and Taiwan. The Vue multiplexes operate in ten countries and include more than 2,400 screens and 150,000 seats for the ultimate movie experience.

With 98% of their screens furnished with plush recliner seating, they are applauded for offering the best big-screen entertainment experience. Vue believe providing customers with comfortable superior seating is just as important as cutting edge sound and a high definition picture.

Vue Entertainment contacted Camatic to design, build and install theater seating to ensure their high standards were met. Superior comfort was expected but they also needed seats to conform to localised building requirements.

Sourcing comfortable reclining stadium seats in cinemas built for traditional upright seating was a challenge. Vue needed a customised solution and as such put their trust in Camatic to develop the best option. By working together, we found the right solution for each theater’s constraints. Our in-house design team selected two seating products to match The Vue’s brief.

The Valencia Motion 34 and Lowline seats were the right choices for comfort and user experience. Each product helped solve different issues but offered deluxe comfort.

The Valencia Motion 34 Seating

The Valencia Motion 34 is a compact luxury recliner ideal for tight row spacing. When reclined, the back moves so slightly that the person behind is doesn’t notice. In older theaters, spacing can be tight and Vue was not willing to compromise comfort.

They appreciated how Valencia Motion 34 seating can be positioned against a wall to maximise space but still offer a reclined position and footrest for pleasurable user experience. The variety of widths we offer meant the same seat could be used uniformly throughout the entire cinema.

The Valencia Lowline Seating

The Valencia Low Line is the best choice for cinemas with larger row spacing. The reclined envelope can be factory configured between 55 ½ inches (1400 mm) to 62 ½ inches (1580mm) allowing a custom fit depending on building specifications.

The aesthetics of the Valencia Lowline seat appealed to The Vue’s luxe appetite. Red stitching throughout the deep cushion leather seats is showcased on their theatrical introduction featured before every movie. The single button easy-to-use motor for quick and reliable reclining keeps the user experience top of mind.

  • 2,400
    Screens Across the Region
  • 280
  • 2
    Continents of Operation
  • 30,000+
    Seats Installed

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