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Camatic Seating is globally recognised as the leading manufacturer of Stadium Seats for stadiums and arenas all over the world. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we deliver top-quality stadium and arena seating services that enhance the spectator experience and create unforgettable moments in venues. And as an industry leader, Camatic’s products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards for the most demanding environments, indoors or outside.


Discover our exciting featured arena seating products

Camatic provides remarkable seating requirements designed to optimize the space in our customers’ arenas and stadiums. We have provided custom seating solutions for some of America’s largest stadiums and arenas, from the Atlanta Olympic Stadium to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and SoFi Stadium. Explore some of our exciting featured products below.


Our incredible selection of arena seating products includes:

Activa Sports SERIES

Our Activa fixed seat is one of the most effective design solutions in arena seating products. Choose from a fixed back with ergonomic contouring or a flexible back that reclines. Simply lift the armrests for a love seat or lockdown for an armrest and cup holders.


If you’re after a budget-friendly, durable stadium seating product you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. The Alpha VIP seat is made from durable, engineering-grade polypropylene and reinforced nylon to withstand varying climatic conditions — ideal for outdoor venues. We deliver these seats to your venue factory assembled for your added convenience.


Make the most of your venue space with the slimline design of the Axiom Series arena seating products. Sturdy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, they are a flexible choice that can be customized with upholstered seats or back pads. Simply switch, add or remove seats in your arena space as required.

Clarity Sport SERIES

The original Clarity series is a highly comfortable and ergonomic seating innovation installed in dozens of theatres and auditoriums around the world. By offering reduced dimensions and optional beam-mounting, the Clarity Sport is the ideal choice for Stadiums and Arenas offering a premium experience.


Invest in the latest economical solution to improve the aesthetic and comfort of bleacher seats. Curve seating is a single-piece mold, designed from durable polypropylene to withstand changes in weather conditions for outdoor seating. Their variety of fun colors is optimal to distinguish your bleacher seats and set your venue apart from others.


Forte seating’s combination of ergonomic foam, refined upholstery detailing, and beam mounting make it perfect for all areas of an area, from general admission to club sections and concrete risers to retractable platforms. Venue operators have the power to provide equal comfort to every patron alike in their facilities.

Quantum SERIES

Our Quantum Series has a contemporary square-back design, traditional round-back or heritage slat-back, combining design aesthetics with optimal comfort. With each seat individually mounted on beams, they allow for a quick and easy installation time and uniform spacing across each row to maximize the usage of your arena space. Its engineering-grade polypropylene structure ensures its durability for the long haul.

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Choose the best stadium seating products with Camatic today. We go above and beyond with our services, working closely with clients to ensure our seating solutions exceed their expectations. If you have any queries on which of our arena seating products are right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today.

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For over 55 years, Camatic Seating has been the industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ergonomic seating solutions for stadiums, arenas, cinemas, theatres, educational institutions and transit areas. Camatic Seating works with our valued customers and partners to provide new seating for hundreds of projects across the globe every year. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is settling into the comfort of a Camatic Seating Product.