Village Roadshow Cinemas

125,000 Seats

A Lasting Partnership More Than 40 Years Strong

Camatic Seating first supplied cinema seating to the Village Roadshow Corporation in the early 1970s and today continues to supply their global seating requirements.

Village Roadshow’s longstanding relationship with Camatic Seating is based on a dual commitment to research and development and an ongoing improvement in cinema seating design.

Camatic Seating is aware of the high demands on cinema seating and has worked for hand in hand with Village Roadshow to create a product that can withstand rigorous treatment. With Village Roadshow’s expansion into Asia, Europe and South America, the design team faced many new challenges regarding regulations and flammability. Camatic Seating’s engineers were able to individually adapt products to all regions and meet local statutory requirements.

Camatic Seating has provided Village Roadshow with over 125,000 seats across 9 countries in over 62 locations. This total of 530 cinema screens will only increase as our relationship continues over the years.

John R Kirby | Chairman of Village Roadshow Limited:

"We have had a very close relationship with Camatic Ltd since the early '70s. Camatic has manufactured and installed cinema seating in the majority of our locations throughout Australasia. During our last decade of international expansion, Camatic has supplied and installed seating in our cinema complexes in New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Argentina.

We pride ourselves on having developed some of the most innovative and exciting cinema locations in the world, with great emphasis on patron comfort and enjoyment. Camatic has played a major role in ensuring that our demanding criteria have been met.

In summary, Camatic has shown themselves to be a flexible, accommodating, innovative and technologically capable team of professionals."

  • 40+
    Partnership (Years)
  • 9
    Countries Globally
  • 125,000
    Seats manufactured and installed
  • 530
    Cinema Screens globally

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